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Menu / Navigation Changes


In this section we will show you how to manipulate the navigation of your website so that it can keep up with changing conditions of your business.


You know how to add a folder and page so that you have new menu navigation, so now you may need to do any of the functions below.


Remember when you have initially created your folder and page you were creating your URL information.  This will follow with the folder, no matter what you rename it or where you shift it to.  This way there is no need to delete and re-create - you can just shift it.  The folder and page that you initially created will also keep any links that you may have had in that page and they cannot be broken.


To rename the menu of your website please see Understanding the Folder Functionality, item D.



Re-ordering the Menu / Navigation of your website


There will be times that you wish to change the order of the menu in your tree. This is especially used when you have created a new folder or page and it has appeared at the bottom of the administration tree and thus you need to shift it to the correct position.


  1. Right Click on the Folder
  2. Highlight the “Re-order This Node” to be given the fly out menu options
  3. Select the option which is preferable to you. Remember you may need to shift it more than once if you are moving it more than 5 but not directly to the top or bottom.
    1. Hint / if you wish to totally re-order your menu navigation you may find it easier to write the correct order on a piece of paper, then starting with the very last one, re-order them all to “Top” in reverse order.


Organising the nodes of your administration tree

Sometimes you may wish to re-order sub nodes. These can be either folders, images, files etc, that you wish to have displayed in a specific way. Mostly you will use this when you have a lot of images that you have named and wish them to be displayed in an alphabetical or numerical fashion as per what they were named on your computer.


  1. Right Click on the Folder that sits above the files you wish to reorder
  2. Highlight the “Order Sub Nodes” to be given the fly out menu options
  3. For nodes that are not folders (e.g. images), select the option which is preferable to you.
  4. For Folders, select the option which is preferable to you.
    1. NB / Alphabetical covers both numerical and alphabetical.
    2. NB / You will need to place a ‘0’ before any number from 1-9 for the system to recognise them correctly.











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