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Content Management puts you in control.

 Konstruk thinking

Where once, building content into websites was purely the domain of website developers, today's site systems are usually built with individual clients in mind.


A Content Management System (CMS) website is specifically designed to empower you to create, update and publish you own content within your website - without any more technical ability than a basic understanding of your computer's word publishing programmes.


Konstruk is a CMS system like no other, offering your organisation an efficient, easy, creative and flexible solution to managing your content online - whether Internet, Extranet or Intranet.


Konstruk takes all the hard, technical parts of website management and does them for you.  With Konstruk you will never need to worry about learning HTML code to manage your content - Konstruk does it all for you.


How does Konstruk work ?

Simple, add your content to your site using our easy-to-use editor.


The editor is a screen interface that simply controls the content and layout of each page of your website.  It is part of your website and can be easily accessed by you and anyone in your organisation that has authority through your usual website browser.


Konstruk works with the majority of website browsers (Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer and Safari etc), for the best results.





Konstruk:: freedom to build

Content is King !


There is no point having your website built around a Content Management System if you don't recognise the need to keep your content fresh and updated.


Treat your website like another store or branch of your operation.


In your "real" store you would freshen up stock on the shelves, change window displays, clean and tidy after each business day, and make sure all your displays were relevant and your price tickets accurate.


Treat your website the same way - otherwise you'll drive away your customers.


If they can't trust what they are seeing as accurate and up-to-date, they will simply not bother coming back.


Set time aside to update your content just as you would to stocktake and manage your store layout.


REMEMBER : Content Managed Systems were developed to make it easy for owners to manage their own website.  That's the point !


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