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Task and Job Scheduling

Konstruk's Work Scheduling software is the perfect management tool for any business that has to manage a schedule of any form.



Order Over Chaos 


With our scheduling system in place, order will be restored to any operation, letting you concentrate your energies on your business, not in your business. 


Originally built to schedule jobs for the installer industry, our scheduler is highly customisable to any business application. It is a task / time scheduler, a customer relationship management tool and a product tracker. With the Konstruk Scheduler, efficient time and job scheduling will help you enhance productivity and reduce overheads.


The Konstruk Work Scheduler Features

  • Task and job tracking where a job can be made up of many tasks
  • Product tracking for installer industries / service industries
  • Multiple team / employee schedule management
  • Customer databasing with logging for full customer relationship management
  • Multiple branches for larger organisations
  • Schedule reports
  • Daily schedule cards
  • Automatic generation of customer schedule confirmation letters
  • Accounting package integration for automated billing
  • Automated job / task importing
  • Automated Just In Time stock ordering
  • Full remote access via the web
  • Instant, easy schedule changing with full logging.
  • Multiple user access and security levels for branches and staff.

Schedule a time today


Efficient, accurate scheduling will save time and money for any organisation. Give us a call today for a demonstration and to discuss what we can do to help solve your scheduling needs.

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