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Administration Home Screen

Newsletters, Site Statistics


This hub of your website administration. Depending on which level of the product you may have buttons available and some locked.  From here to you can get to some of our base applications, like Edit Website, Newsletters and Site Statistics.

Newsletters, Site Statistics

  1. This link will take you to your website where you can see the changes you make in draft form as you go along.
    1. NB/ right click on this link and you will have different options for opening the window.
  2. Will take you back to this screen if you ever get lost.
    1. NB/ if you select this link in the middle of editing it will not save your current changes.
  3. The online help files (where you are now).
  4. What's New In Konstruk - from time to time new items of interest to the administrator will show as notes in this section.
  5. How to get to your the main administration for your website.
  6. Another way to get to Modify Profile.


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