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Site Usage Analysis


Konstruk has differing site statistic analysis: 




Konstruk Micro

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The system logs page hits and the number of new and returning users over time. Analysis of this data will let you determine the site usage trend, showing whether usage is going up, down or is remaining constant. It will also tell you how many pages the average user looks at when visiting your site, and how many of your users are new, or returning.


All of this will assist with your marketing and research to make your site successful.



Browser Loyalty Graphs

How often do your viewers come to see your site? With Konstruk, you can see how loyal your viewers are and how long between visits when they come back to see your site.


Search engines, such as Google, are one of the largest sources of website customers.

With Konstruk, you can see what keywords people are searching for when they find your site.


This will help you to hone your website content to better attract more customers.

It will also let you see which search engines are directing the largest amount of traffic to your site.


Analyse Refer Logs

Where are your customers coming from? With Konstruk, you can see what other website are leading customers to your site. This helps with marketing, advertising and managing your site.


User Session Tracking

User session tracking allows you to follow a user's path through the site. This helps you to determine where users are heading on the site most often, and how they are navigating around your site.


It can help in establishing where to place promotions and even help in determining whether changes in site layout are creating problems for users.

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