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Security and Workflow



Konstruk security is based on a two tier authentication and authorisation system.




Tier one is where all users are authenticated, this is completed at the Login Page.


Konstruk users can be authenticated against Konstruk's own internal user directory system or against your existing software (ie Microsoft Windows, ADSI, LDAP), this allows swifter login abiltiy via "across the board" recognition.




The authorisation system (based on the UNIX ACL security system) will allow or deny users the permission to perform actions on the site.


The authorisation system has two main purposes:


It allows all administration tasks to be locked down to specified users, giving absolute control over who can administer what, and, the security system can be used to restrict access to specific parts of the web site.  This is useful if you want to restrict sections of a site to spectific users and groups.


This is extremely important for Intranets and Extranets. It can also be used to restrict access to 'members only' areas of internet sites.


Konstruk comes out of the box with Enterprise level security. With a complete UNIX like  Access Control List security system, Microsoft Active Directory authentication, LDAP authentication and an internal database based user directory system anything is possible.




Workflow has been applied as a standard feature of all content creation within the Konstruk.


It allows a strict process to be enforced for the creation and approval of content before it can appear on the site.


Konstruk workflow is heavily integrated into the Konstruk security system allowing it to be customised within different sections of the website. This allows content creation and publishing rights to be assignable to specific site administrators on a per section, or even a per page basis.



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