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Optimisation Audit Tab

The purpose of this tab is to help you meet the search engines requirements for optimising your website.


This tab looks at the Page Optimisation Tab and the Page Content tab at the same time. The aim is to get all ticks. In some instances it is very difficult to achieve, i.e. the contact us page on your website is sometimes very hard to fully optimise. Try as much as you can for every page, but ultimately it is up to you as to how much you wish to invest in your optimisation.


Referring to figure 21 below, we will quickly run through the Page Optimisation Tab only at this stage for how the audit is helping you achieve optimal optimisation for your page.

  1. The top four areas are asking you to compare the different fields within the Page Optimisation Tab to each other. Generally they all refer back to the SEO Phrases.
  2. The bottom three areas are looking at your Page Content tab and referring to the SEO Phrases from your Page Optimisation Tab
  3. SEO Phrases - this check is ensuring that you have more than 1 SEO, comma separated, sentences in this field of the Page Optimisation Tab
  4. HTML Page Title Length - this check is making sure the length is within the standards specified
  5. HTML Page Title Relevance - this is checking that you have repeated the SEO Phrases within your HTML Page Title, if you have missed one it will tell you which one you have missed.
  6. Page Keywords - this is checking that you have no more than 7 keywords but that you also have enough to suffice.
  7. Heading Tags - As mentioned on page 15 - you page must have Heading Tags in order for you to be blunt to the search engines what your page is about. It is wise to have your SEO Phrases as your headings, but we respect that sometimes this is difficult.
  8. Heading Relevance - if you are unable to use all your SEO Phrases as headings or sub headings, then you will get a warning only that it is not optimal for search engines.
  9. Every single SEO Phrase must be repeated in your Page Content, it is recommended 3-4 times, however 1 will suffice. Remember Repetition is the key for search engines.
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