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The News and Events System


New, interesting, up to date content is what keeps users and search engines interested in websites.


By using Konstruk's news and event system, information can easily change a 'static' (non altering) site into a fascinating, 'content rich' site that will keep customers, and search engines coming back.


By utilising the news system, you can take advantage of automated publishing, meta data categorisation and searching. All that is required is to define points on the website where certain categories of news are to appear, Konstruk takes care of the rest, dramatically reducing administration time.  


You can then spend time creating news, not placing it.


Using the automated news system, it also becomes easy to utilise news syndication services. All that is needed is to subscribe to a news syndication service and gather the news. Konstruk will then automatically place the news according to rules that you have specified.

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