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Security for Members

This is used when you have a page on your website that you wish to only be accessed via a user name and password that you have provided when someone has asked for it.  This process is not automated but rather allows you to vet whom you wish to have access to this page.


This can either be done for each individual user or you could chose to use a generic one for an entire selection of people.


Normally you will set up a Form for someone to indicate to you they wish to have access to your secure page.


This process if different from a Profile that is created for eCommerce as that is not vetted and allows anyone to purchase or see pages that are hidden.


Step 1 -

Secure the page


  1. Create Folder and Page to have the security applied to
  2. Right click on the Folder
  3. Select "Security ACL"
  4. Un-tick faint tick box beside "View" in the "Anonymous" column (normally need to click twice on the box)
  5. Tick the empty box beside "View" in the "Member" column
    1. NB/ This security is applied for all folder and pages underneath the one you are applying it to. So you may need to repeat this process to override or change sub pages.
  6. Say Ok


Step 2 -

Create "User/s" to place into the "Members" group

  1. Select "Security" from the top menu
  2. Select "Users"
  3. Select "Add User" from the second top menu
  4. Complete fields as required - Status
    1. NB/ once a password has been created it cannot be viewed anywhere in the system. You may wish to use the description field to remind you of this members password
    2. NB/ you cannot have two Usernames exactly the same, if you are anticipating a lot of users, then we suggest use an email address or both names.
  5. Select Manage Users from the second top menu
  6. Double click on the user you have just created
    1. NB/ if someone has forgotten their password, this is where you can override and create a new one.
  7. In the Group Membership area, double click on Members to add this user to that Group (which is the group you have selected to secure the Page with)
  8. Complete the required fields of Name / Last Name / Email Address
  9. Online Discount Rate is only used in eCommerce, see more information on set up
  10. Select Update


Step 3 -

Go to your secure page on the live website and test the new user name and password added.



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